Acupuncture Gift Certificates


  • Acupuncture: $75.00 per session
  • Cupping/Gua Sha: $35.00
  • Sports Medicine Session (Includes Asian bodywork/acupuncture): $90.00 Session (Rates may vary)
  • Insurance: (check insurance coverage)
  • Hypnosis: $75.00 per hour
  • Facial Rejuvenation Treatments (Includes Acupuncture, Facial cupping, and Facial Gua Sha): $200 1st Treatment/consultation, $150 for all follow up treatment.

 All services can be paid at the time of service or purchase online at the shopping area below.

Package Rates:

Athletic Package: $325.00 – Whether you have an acute injury or want to attain a higher level of fitness, Asian Medicine is perfect for faster healing and more protection for your body. Learn pain management techniques for in the moment, and walk away with pain relieving oils! 

  • 3 Sports injury/pain management Acupuncture and Chinese bodywork sessions
  • 1 Hypnosis session for pain management (can be exchanged for 4th acupucncture session)
  • Chinese herbal products for sports injury and recovery

Spa Package: $245.00 – Let go of toxins and move toward a healthier you with our Spa Package! Package includes 3 sessions of acupuncture designed to stimulate organ function and eliminate toxins from the body, Chinese Nutritional Consultation to evaluate dietary sources of symptoms, and Asian bodywork treatment for lymphatic health and detoxification!

  • 3 Acu-Cleanse Sessions
  • 1 Cupping and Gua Sha Detox treatment
  • Facial Rejuvenation Consultation (30 min)

Stress-Free Package: $425.00 – Alleviate stress now and later with our Stress-Free Package! Tailored to your personal needs to help minimize daily stress, and give you tools to combat worry and anxiety!

  • 4 stress relief acupuncture treatments with free initial consultation
  • 1 Hypnosis session with meditation instruction for daily stress control
  • Your own Chinese Herbal Tea for relaxation paired specifically for you

Explorer Package: $290.00 – Discover new parts of your spirit with our Explorer Package. Learn about your past lives or discover the hidden meaning of your dreams through hypnosis, and receive three five element acupuncture treatments for spirit level healing with a full Chinese medical consultation.

  • 1 Past life regression hypnosis session or dream interpretation hypnosis session
  • 3 Five Element acupuncture treatments for spiritual well-being (Chinese Medical Consultation Included!)

All services can be paid at the time of service or purchase online at the shopping area below.