Helping you to reduce suffering, break through limiting patterns, find peace within your body, and succeed in living a life full of possibility and harmony.


An effective treatment for multiple conditions including acute and chronic pain, allergies, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, insomnia, infertility and stress.

Facial Acupuncture

An all-in-one natural anti-aging facial that reduces wrinkles, fine lines and tension in the face, while boosting collagen, increasing circulation and promoting your glow from within.


Using suction to create negative pressure that loosens stiff muscles and pulls, lifts, opens and expands the body’s soft tissues.

Sports Medicine

Injury recovery and prevention, Natural performance enhancement, Chinese herbal liniments and products for sprains, strains, breaks, and bruises.

Integrative Care

Lifestyle tools and teachings align with Eastern and Western treatment principles to help improve health and wellbeing through chronic and long term disease.


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese acupressure treatment that promotes overall balance and health, and can often address specific physical issues.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Custom herbal formulas and Eastern nutrition assessments are coupled with acupuncture treatments to create a multifaceted treatment approach.

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Address and Hours

309 Cathedral St, Floor 2, Baltimore MD, 21201

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Appointments:

Monday and Tuesday: 2pm to 7pm (With Robert Prokop)

Wednesday: 9 am to 11:30 am (With Robert Prokop)

Thursday: 1pm to 5pm (With Rhea Nodel)

Sunday: 10am to 2pm (With Robert Prokop); and
2:30pm to 5pm (With Rhea Nodel)

Shiatsu Appointments:

Thursday: 1pm to 5pm (With Rhea Nodel)

Sunday: 2:30pm to 5pm (With Rhea Nodel)

-Please call for more availability-

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