Acupressure sees the best results the longer you massage point. You want to massage in a circular motion and press deeply enough to feel a sensation from the pressure. Any or all of these can be combined to facilitate different things. One of my favorite combinations is Large Intestine 4 and Liver 3 for some amazing relaxation!

Large Intestine # 4 (Joining of the Valleys)

On the dorsal surface of the hand, in the angle between the proximal ends of the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones.

This acupressure point is great for just about any ailment. It helps promote a healthy immune system while working to reduce fevers, help with energy throughout the whole body, and alleviates pain. It also relaxes muscles and sinews, clears sinus pressure and can help with mild nausea!

On a mental/spiritual level, LI 4 helps to rid the body, mind, and soul of toxins. The Large Intestine is known as the “Great Eliminator”. It can help one to find clarity and let go of thoughts that don’t serve when a person doesn’t know what needs to happen next. It is the pure action of the moment, bridging the gap between what was and what is now. Acupressure in this spot is also great for rejuvenating tired hands!

Liver #3 (Supreme Rushing)

On the dorsal surface of the foot, in the angle between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones.

Liver 3 is a fantastic acupressure point for relaxation! It’s most popular uses are for getting rid of headaches, promoting the flow of qi throughout the body, and alleviating menstrual cramping! It is also used for insomnia, vertigo, and hypertension. This point can be massaged in conjunction with Large Intestine 4 to promote relaxation and a good mood.

Mentally and spiritually this point helps one to let go of small details and see a larger picture. The spirit of the liver is sometimes defined as “the free and easy wanderer”. This point helps to embody that spirit by helping us let go of the small details in order to show us the larger picture. Enjoy the journey, and stop focusing so much on the destination! When our goals dominate our thoughts we feel frustrated and constrained, so allow Liver 3 to release the free and easy wanderer within!

Stomach #36 (Leg Three Miles)

Located on the anterior (front) surface of the leg, lateral (outside) to the edge of the tibia.

Stomach 36 is an amazing acupressure point that can be stimulated for almost anything! It helps with the stomach ache, indigestion, stomach ulcers, lack of appetite, late menstruation and palpitations. Among MANY other uses, acupuncturists also use it for knee pain, constipation, diarrhea,  and jet lag! Any time digestive symptoms are present, this point will help to alleviate discomfort.

Spiritually speaking, the point helps with endurance to help one cover great distances both physically and mentally. It helps relieve ruminating thoughts and worry so one is able to move on from a situation. It bestows longevity, keeps one free from disease, and revitalizes energy. It also is a stabilizing point to give one a solid ground and the base of their entire being. This point is awesome!

Kidney # 1 (Bubbling Spring)

On the plantar surface of the foot, at the “point” of light, the softer skin of the sole o the foot, in the crease formed when the toes are flexed.

Kidney 1 is typically used for strengthening the kidney’s function and helping to alleviate foot pain and tiredness from many problems. It is a wonderful point to massage for lower back pain, fatigue, edema, and tinnitus. It also helps promote alertness and energy if you are feeling sluggish.

Spiritually and mentally, this point helps clear stagnation of fluids and detoxes the organ systems as well as the mind. The name bubbling spring refers to cool fresh water springing forth from the ground. This water can refresh body, mind, and soul to bring about youthfulness and effervescence by eliminating the old energies and replacing them with the new.

Heart #7 (Spirit Gate)

On the crease of the flexure of the wrist, on the proximal radial side of the pisiform bone, lateral to the tendon.

Heart 7 is good for most conditions that fall under the umbrella of anxiety. It is good for irritability, hypertension, insomnia, disturbed sleep, cardiac pain, and heart palpitations. It also helps to clear pathogenic factors found in Chinese Medicine from the heart such as heat and dampness.

On a spirit and emotional level, Spirit Gate is referring to the ability to open and close the heart appropriately. Massaging this point helps your soul feel at ease within the body, and allows you to truly enjoy and savor life from the driver seat of your being. It is very calming and benefits anyone who may have feelings of despair or heartache.