The Frequency of the Planet

As summer begins to wind down and everything becomes hot and heavy, the earth element begins to show. In the five element cycle, it represents late summer when the flowers of the trees are now ripe fruits, and there is an abundance. It also brings with it a slow decline in activity and relaxation. From a more open interpretation, the Earth element is actually at the core of everything, showing up between seasons as the movement of life. The Earth is what holds everything and allows it to exist. The literal earth is the ground, and the rotation is the continuation of seasons and balance.

Earth in Nature

Let’s look at the literal aspects of the earth. It is dirt. It gives plants the ability to root themselves, it holds water like a massive bowl, it allows us to live by constantly turning. Earth is the foundation for all life and its atmosphere encompasses all things. Organic matter rises from the earth and returns to it to decompose and provide nourishment for the planet. It is a perfect representation of yin and yang. I tend to view the whole planet as one living organism constantly rebuilding and reabsorbing energy. So how does this element show up in the body? Through digestion and our physical substance.

Humans as Nature

In people, Earth is about thoughtfulness, flesh, and the embodiment of earth as a man. Sticky and sweet like fruit, Earth is a place of sympathy and care. Internally it is about the ability for our body to break down food into nutrients and disperse them throughout the body. It is also about our physical body holding our oceanic life force. It is the place where we digest not just food but emotions too. When a person who is practiced at being in the Earth element is in balance, they show up as rooted and secure in themselves. They are able to extend compassion and understanding through empathy, and nurture thoughtful/reflective processes. They are hard workers and thinkers and know when to reap the benefits of the work they do and relax. So what can it look like out of balance?

Earth in Excess

People with too much Earth can be overprotective, over nurturing, meddlesome, overbearing, over worried, obsessive, and they tend to have a very large presence. They can appear to be the martyr of every situation, and there usually isn’t any room for anyone else to exist. A lot of it can manifest in the form of worry and circular thinking, especially when it comes to wanting to help others. Earth is all about giving and receiving, and excessive earth people tend to give a little too much. Whether it is a gift that costs way too much or they just constantly want to give you advice, it can present as excessive and sticky. So what are people lacking in the earth element like?

Earth as deficient

Quite the opposite from the excessive Earth type, they do all they can to provide for themselves. They lack the resources to support others, and instead focus all their attention on being self-sufficient and refusing support, yet acting like there is never enough of it. They may have the mentality that nothing is ever enough, and more needs to be done to fill this bottomless pit. Excessive work, study, and mental activity can indicate this. This can show up as draining for the people around them as they constantly hunger for more resources and never feel fulfilled.  

To give a more direct example, think of planting a seed. If there is too much dirt around it, it can’t receive sunlight and is stifled. Too little dirt and the seed has no support to root itself or receive nutrients. The right amount of dirt provides the foundation and nurturing, and allows for the seed to receive light and grow strong.