Complimentary Medicine

There are many types of medicine that compliment and enhance one another. Acupuncture is one of the most popular options of “complimentary medicine” as it is extremely versatile in working with the mind and body. However, many are not aware that hypnosis is also an amazing technique that can be applied to wellness routines to enhance outcomes. As an acupuncturist and a consulting hypnotist, I have the unique ability to combine the modalities to help my patients heal from within, their whole being, not just their symptoms.

Symptoms and Lifestyle

I believe our symptoms can be teachers and often point the way to new possibilities and ways of being. As an acupuncturist, I love seeing results. However, sometimes patients need a little extra help letting go of thought patterns or choices that may be hindering their health. Hypnosis helps bring possibility and awareness to the surface and offers clarity in those situations.

The Theory

Acupuncture works by moving qi and shifting imbalance to balance. It works on levels of the mind, body, and spirit to align a person into optimal health. If there is a mindset that doesn’t want to change or a patient isn’t familiar with how much power their mind can have, the treatments won’t be as powerful. Healing and transformation come from within, and hypnosis can help foster that.  Many conditions can benefit from these combined modalities including emotional symptoms like anxiety or fear, pain management and recovery, and even insomnia. There are infinite possibilities for healing, and it all starts with the individual just as they are.

Your Story

Think about your story. Is there a symptom in your life or a thought process that seems to limit your possibilities? Hypnosis can help! Call me to discuss different solutions for your well being!