The Frequency of Summer

Right now in the US (while I am writing this!) it is Summer, the season of the Fire element. For many, summer can be long and way too hot. Other people want it to last forever. Either way, though, summer is a time for joy and activity. From a logistical standpoint, our bodies don’t have to work as hard in summer. We don’t have to worry about using energy to keep warm, and the activity of the natural world calls us into it through outdoor activities, beach trips, and gardening. Vegetables are plentiful, and we get to eat a lot of diverse fresh foods that aren’t available in other seasons. Summer is awesome!

Fire in nature

Just like all the elements, fire can show up in a myriad of ways. From some low burning coals in a fire pit to a raging forest fire, it has many ways of being. Fire can also spread very quickly, consuming everything within it. The whole existence of fire is a visible byproduct of combustion, so with no fuel to combust fire cannot exist. When thinking about these elements in people keep in mind the very real nature of each of them.

Humans as Nature

In people, the fire element is about joy, maturation, laughter, warmth, and partnership. The fire in us is our passion and love in the world, and it is the place that connects us to the oneness of the universe. As wood is the rising plant from the seed, fire is the full flourishing blooms of the plant. But we need wood to keep the fire burning, and we need water to grow the wood. Looking at the whole picture is paramount as one explores these elements. So what does a fire element look like in people who live in its frequency all of the time? In balance, fire people are often enthusiastic, optimistic, excited, bubbly, and have elation for being alive. There is also a seductive quality to fire. Fire people could also show up as a low burning fire, radiating warmth and love without having to be ecstatic about everything. Fire wants to spread, and fire people are great at igniting others. But when the fire gets out of balance, what can it look like?

Fire out of Balance

Fire in excess: These people can show up as manic, over the top, immature, overly excitable, grandiose, and scattered. When people have an excess fire, they are often trying to keep it burning forever. Inappropriate laughter, sporadic tendencies, and constant joking may be qualities a fire person possesses. There are a thousand and more reasons why an individual fire person may not want to move out of that place, but like all of these elements, it can act as a defense mechanism. Sometimes multiple failed relationships can arise from constantly trying to keep the fire roaring.

Fire as deficient: Looking at the opposite side of things, a burnt out fire can be bitter, joyless, shut down, unavailable, protected/walled off, or flat. Fire is about love, friendship, connection, and warmth. When someone is prone to their fire going out they may feel very detached from all of these things and can feel very alone. Failed relationships can lead to this burnout as well. The opposite of joy is depression, and fire can go in a lot of directions. So especially now that we are in the summer time, live life as your authentic self, and let your fire burn bright with connectivity.