The Frequency of Autumn

This is my fifth article discussing elements, and I just want to say that as a practitioner who studies and witnesses these elements in every facet of life, I find myself living by a certain degree of diligence around how I do things. I try to balance activities and daily routines by incorporating gifts of different elements. It almost feels like learning to speak a whole new language, and suddenly all these different frequencies around me make sense. Of course, everything is far more complex than to be explained with one principal, but the 5 Elements have helped me evolve and grow as a person and a practitioner, and it is with gratitude I discuss the metal element.

Metal in Nature

So let’s look at the element of metal. When I talk about it here, I am also including crystals. The very concept of metal in nature is purity vs impurity. Steel, for instance, is a lot stronger than the iron that it is made from. Steel is just super purified iron, so this begins to shed light on some of the processes of metal as it shows up people. Another angle of looking at it is crystals. Crystals each have a different vibrational frequency. Those frequencies can be used by radios or for healing purposes, but each one has a specific resonance that moves through it and out of it.

Humans as Nature

In Chinese medicine, we talk about metal housing the corporeal soul which is the physical counterpart to our ethereal spirit. So if we view every human being as their own unique gem or crystal, their personal soul is what resonates throughout them into the world. The other aspect of metal as it can show up figuratively in humans is through grief. Metal is the frequency of autumn, the season where everything returns back into the earth to restart again in the spring. Inspiration and the art of letting go are also along the frequency of metal. The experience of the metal element can bring with it a profound spaciousness. That moment where you look out in awe at a mountain vista, or when a sad phone call can change your life. It is in that moment, where everything detaches and your personal world seems to concentrate on you. That mental and spiritual concentration is what can transform a person like coal into diamonds. Let’s see how people who live in the metal element can show up!

Metal in balance: Metal people have a great awareness of past present and future. They understand the importance of loss and potential, celebration, acknowledgement, and grief as the remembrance of quality. They are like quality control officers for all of the other elements. They remind us to view life as inspiring and sacred.

Metal in excess: When people who take their metal too far, perfectionism can occur. Where a balanced metal can hold the sacred and the profane and acknowledge both, an excessive metal wants to get rid of all impurities. This can make them seem cut-off, indifferent, empty, strict, ritualistic, dogmatic, and self-righteous. It is usually because they don’t feel their resonance is good enough, so they become obsessed with perfecting everything else.

Metal as deficient: When there isn’t a whole lot of energy being put to into ritual or purity, metal people can sometimes be sloppy, petty, and congested. They have kind of an anything will do mentality and are imprecise, lacking in quality, and they can’t seem to see the value in quality.

That one was a bit longer than usual. I hope you enjoyed! I plan on writing another blog series on the elements as they physically exist in the body, but for now, look out for an article on how Chinese Medicine can help insomnia sufferers!